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Money Management is our new financial management tool now available in the mobile app and online banking.

With Money Management, you can view all of your accounts (NIHFCU and at other financial institutions) in one place – and right from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. It also allows you to track your budgets, follow your spending, set financial goals and more right on our website. Becoming a better manager of your personal finances is just one step away!

Money Management features:

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Enjoy a single view of all of your NIHFCU and external accounts. You can also create and manage alerts and see all historical account balances.<
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Enjoy an aggregate view of all internal and external accounts transactions. You can filter by account or date, as well as search for any keyword or amount. All tax deductible transactions can also be marked throughout the year and then filtered for easy access when filing taxes.
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Enjoy various charts and graphs of spending categories over any data range. Money Management allows you to change date ranges, view visualization of income sources, and even drill down to subcategories and transactions.
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Create custom budgets through Money Management's easy to use budgeting tool. Create custom categories, change the amount of money allocated to the monthly budget or view historical budget data. Budgets can be viewed as bubbles or traditional bars.
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A visualization of spending over time divided into categories. Users can drill into subcategory views and see transaction details. They can also track income and define the date range over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
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A tool that enables users to manage and visualize their goals on a timeline. Users can create a goal, name it, and associate it with an internal or external account. They can also change the amount and priority of each goal, as well as the total amount available overall.
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A notification system that can send SMS and/or email messages to users, based on their preferences. Alerts include: Exceeded Budgets, Debt Payment Reminder, Low Account Balance, Large Deposit, Large Expense/Withdrawal and Fee Charged. Users can define alert thresholds on a per-account and a per-alert basis.

get started
  Login to online banking today and click on Money Management under the Other Services menu to start.  In the mobile app, click on "More" and locate Money Management in the menu.

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